Full 3D Environment

Custom Models and Textures

Object Tracking

Rapid Wall/Structure Creation

Create freely…and for free

Turn your ideas into mixed reality with simple tools and assets. Draw a line on a piece of paper and watch it become a brick wall before your eyes. Upload a treasure chest model and watch it spring onto your desk. The ARscape software is released for free so everyone can have access to see their vision come to life.

Develop in an instant

Our interactive software supports rapid development and decision-making. We use color detection to allow you to pick a “marker” in the view frame, then either extrude out or upload a 3D model from that marker into the live video stream from the webcam. Design on the spot with our dynamic toolkit for instant changes and additions.

Simple hands-on tools

Create entire AR experiences with markers and paper. Construct characters, maps, and more both on your screen and by hand and watch them combine in real time. Visualize a unique fantasy world or your new kitchen remodel, in less than five minutes-and with coding required.

Check out our short demo video below to see ARscape in action!

Getting Started

Wiki PDF Guide

What you can do...

Tabletop Games

Architectural Layout

Kitchen Remodel

And more!